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Wednesday, 30-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hari Raya di Dundee 2005

Persiapan sebelum raya..buat satey
Buat hiasan utk majlis
weh..amik la gmbr ako lak..
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Ni gambar2 time raya kat dundee....enjoy

Tuesday, 29-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Study trip to paris (21st october 2005 - 29th october 2005)

Stade De France
Sacre coeur
Steps going up
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Bonjour à tous, u parlent-ils français ? Once a year, the achitecture school will organize a study trip to places to analyze site and study particular buildings. Lucky us (2nd year Duncan of Jordonstone Architecture student ), had the chance to visit Paris, France. Being one of europes leading city, Paris is the so called eutopia of the world. Famous for its enormous collection of art, and superb architecture, its just like a dream come true. Having to pay just 200 quid for transport and 4 nights accommodation, it cant get any better. wait a minute...yes it can. JPA paid for my trip. How amazing is that!!??..Terima kasih JPA....the journey was surprisingly okey considering the 13 hours bus ride from Dundee to Dover then another 2 n a half hours on the ferry across English channel. it almost killed my back. owh yeah, 4got to mention...another 4 hours from carlisle port to centre PAris...gilo ah..kalo naik flight balik M'sia..dah lame dah sampai....bare in mind that it was a study trip...dont be surprise if ders lack of people in it...enjoy the pic.. appréciez l' last thing, i didnt went to certain tourist or so called romantic spots coz im saving them for that special someone Je vais apporter le nadia là pour notre lune de miel....

Saturday, 4-Jun-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trip to Amsterdam, Hollad (easter 2005) we come
Wind mills
Canal Cruiser
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If ur a student from outside europe, and wanted a get is the 1st place to be..peacefull, stunning sceneries, & mind blowing architecture...Fairly cheap as for expenses, i guarentee u'll enjoy taking out notes from ur wallet..hehe..every single penny..or euro cent to be more accurate...i don really remember the name of the places ive went der, but everything are in grasp within a 10 mile radius ranging from urban attraction to the traditional dutch countryside including the famous wind mills...The amazing journey of ME, Shaq,mamat kecik, ammar, Zamir and Shamin is to be remembered for the rest of our lives...Amsterdam rowks!!!..enjoy the pics guys..courtasy of shaq's and mamat kecik' cameras...[img][\""img]

Monday, 24-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Highlands trip..

Depan Loch Lochy youth hostel
lochness lake
loch lochy youth hostel
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On 21st of jan, KMD(komuniti melayu dundee) went to loch lochy which is somewhere in the higlands of scotland. I drove a rented car from dundee which took abt 4 hours..damn far..the road was dark...all i can see was the white lines on the sides...sounds bad huh? was..yet i drove the car quite fast(75 - 80 miles/hour)...haha..yes, im crazy!!...high speed has always been my way to stay awake n focus on the knee's was shaking after we arrived...loch lochy was pretty much AMAZING...lakes which spans throughout almost the whole area...clear sky..lots of deers..but i never saw one..only saw ppl pointing at bushes...1st destination after i parked the car...toilet!!!...heheh...spent the whole saturday went sightseeing...while driving...didnt get to enjoy much of it...the roads was curvy n plenty of sharp corners...hav to stay focus..n fast..but it was fun...cold?..definitely...the next day...we went snowboarding!!! was at the cairngorm slopes(im not sure bout the speeling)..i was an expert in falling to the ground...the only way to stop..never made it to the top using that thing(alaa...bende yang tarik org naik atas bukit balik..mcm kete cable..ape ntah name dia)...5 attempts..x lepas..what did i get in the end of de day? really embarrassed...fatigue...cold...both my wrists n knees hurts till now... and loads of fun..which balance it all...then an hour after those torturing moments...(its fun tho)....i had to drive another 3 hours to edinburgh to drop my frens frens...dats all..enjoy the pics..

Sunday, 9-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Manchester..with my kdu mates

during autumn
university of manchester
im stuck
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